Breast Cancer Resources

Free and low-cost breast cancer screening resources in Iowa:

Reliable sources for breast cancer information:

Still have question about breast cancer? Call the American Cancer Society’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-227-2345, or chat directly with an American Cancer Society representative.


One thought on “Breast Cancer Resources

  1. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March of 2011, which was discovered through a mammogram! I had to undergo, three biopsies, bi-lateral masectomy and had 2 nodes removed. I underwent 38 radiation treatments and am taking Tamoxifen, for which I will be taking for five years. If I had not had my mammogram, it would have not have been good at all. My Oncologist said it was found in time! So mammograms save lives and it saved mine!

What are YOUR mammotives?

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