What Was Learned

We asked, you spoke (thank you!!), and here’s what you had to say:
Mammotives Project Final Report

We hope you enjoy reading the results of the great discussion that happened on this site. Please let us hear from you if you have thoughts on the process, the results, or anything else regarding Mammotives.org by emailing mammotives@canceriowa.org.

Thank you, women of Iowa!


Open to Question

Have you ever had questions about breast cancer screening? If so, where did you go to find the answers you needed? Feel free to ask us a question in the Comments section–we will try our best to answer it!

You can also check out our Breast Cancer Resources page for links to reliable sources of information about breast cancer screening.

Family Matters

Have any of your relatives had breast cancer? Do you think about your family history when you decide whether or not to get a mammogram?


And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Access to Mammography Screening in Iowa

Researchers at the University of Missouri recently found that rural women are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer than women living in urban areas. This could mean that rural women face delays in accessing breast cancer screening and treatment.

As an Iowa woman, how far do you have to travel to get to a health care facility? Does distance play a role in your decision to get a mammogram?

You can visit our Breast Cancer Resources page if you have questions about where to get screened for breast cancer in Iowa.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Flood

I get by with a little help from my friends…

Do you talk with your friends about mammograms?


Are You Covered?

We’re hearing a lot of talk here about health insurance, which has us wondering, do you have health insurance that covers mammograms? Does health insurance play a role in your decisions to get regular breast cancer screening?


Mammograms: ‘The Talk’

Have you had the mammogram talk with your health-care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, etc.)? If so, did she or he recommend that you get a mammogram?

(P.S. Thanks for the great conversation and feedback, everyone! We’re learning so much by reading about your own personal mammotives.)


Mammography makes me think of….

Every women has a different idea of what getting a mammogram is like. What do you think of when you think about mammograms?


What are YOUR mammotives?

Welcome to Mammotives.org. We hope you’ll join this discussion about why Iowa women make the decisions they do to get – or not get – recommended mammograms. Please feel free to comment anonymously and engage each other in discussion. Remember, as Iowa women, we’re all in this together. The polite, honest, and open dialogue here will benefit the future health of our sisters, mothers, daughters, and the other important women in our lives. What are YOUR mammotives?