And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Access to Mammography Screening in Iowa

Researchers at the University of Missouri recently found that rural women are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer than women living in urban areas. This could mean that rural women face delays in accessing breast cancer screening and treatment.

As an Iowa woman, how far do you have to travel to get to a health care facility? Does distance play a role in your decision to get a mammogram?

You can visit our Breast Cancer Resources page if you have questions about where to get screened for breast cancer in Iowa.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Flood

One thought on “And I Would Walk 500 Miles

  1. I live about 12 miles outside of West Des Moines, and have my mammograms done at Iowa Radiology in WDM. I am 38 years old, and had my first mammogram done at age 37. This next March, when I turn 39, will be my third one. I have them every year around my birthday.

What are YOUR mammotives?

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