Are You Covered?

We’re hearing a lot of talk here about health insurance, which has us wondering, do you have health insurance that covers mammograms? Does health insurance play a role in your decisions to get regular breast cancer screening?


5 thoughts on “Are You Covered?

  1. Yes, I have health insurance and it pays for my mammograms. If I didn’t have health insurance, I would definately have to make the decision of if I should get a mammogram or not. I would definately look to my local health department and check out programs like Splash of Color (Breast Cancer Support Group) and/or programs like the Beyond Pink Team to see if they could assist me with getting a free mammogram.

  2. Yes I have health insurance that pays for mammograms.
    Yes, health insurance plays a “role” in my decision (but I would likely get one if it wasn’t covered)

What are YOUR mammotives?

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